This winter, clubs all over Ohio and surrounding regions will be hosting qualifier races to participate in. Participate in qualifying races and get invited to the Championship with over $4,000 in prizes! Remember to make sure your drone meets the spec requirements!



Official UWL Chapter

Qualifying Races happening near Dayton. Ohio: 2
Qualifying Races happening near Mansfield, Ohio: 2

Buckeye FPV Racing

Qualifying Races happening near Columbus, Ohio: 2

Cincinnati Quad Racers

Qualifying Races happening near Cincinnati, Ohio: 2

Quad Racing Group Ohio (QRGO)

Qualifying Races happening near Canton, Ohio: 1

Cleveland FPV

Qualifying Races happening near Cleveland, Ohio: 1

Circle City FPV

Qualifying Races happening near Indianapolis, Indiana: 3

Bluegrass Drone Racing

Qualifying Races happening near Louisville, Kentucky: 3

Twisted Whoop Races

Qualifying Races happening near Detroit, Michigan: 3

Knoxville FPV Racing

Qualifying Races happening near Knoxville, Tennessee: 1




The Regional Championship race will be hosted by the Official UWL chapter and livestreamed to the YouTube page.

Location: Restoration Park Church

Medway, Ohio

Date: March 16, 2024

Pilots Invited: Top 32 (See Rank Here)


In order to qualify for the championship race, pilots must attend at least one qualifying race at one of the participating chapters. This will put them on the official leaderboard.

The placement and size of the race will ultimately be what determines your score. The bigger the race and the better you place, the better your score will be. Invite more pilots to make everyone's score better!

You will get a score for every single qualifying race, whether you attend or not. Your placement for races you don't attend will be considered as one place behind last. This does not negatively impact you.

Your two best scores will be used to rank your final qualifying position. Remember, you do get a score for every race, even ones you don't attend. So even if you only attend one race, you will still have a best two scores and overall ranking.


Your score for any given race will be 200 - (x/y*100).
x = your position

y = total pilots

If you get 2nd place at a race with 8 pilots, your score for that race would be:
200-(2/8*100) = 175pts.

Getting 3rd place at a 12 pilot race will also get you 175pts! More pilots = better score! Invite your friends!

Remember that you still get scored on races you don't attend, but only your best 2 scores count. Try to attend at least 2 races!