Can I use Quicksilver?

The UWL spec for official races requires RPM Limiting. This makes a HUGE difference in ensuring that every drone flies as similarly as possible, even when people are using different motors, batteries, frames, etc. Since RPM limiting is a feature exclusive to Betaflight, for official races, you will not be allowed to use Quicksilver.

What is an RPM Limiter?

The RPM Limiter limits the average RPMs of your motor. It does so very precisely using bidirectional dshot, similar to how RPM Filtering works. This helps minimize variables like manufacturing variance between motors, brand/type of battery, health, etc. that could otherwise tip the scales to favor one pilot's spec build over another. Without the RPM Limiter, the meta can quickly devolve into doing things like using fresh motors and batteries for every race, as well as one specific motor being determined to be best. This all can be pretty costly, wasteful, and cause money to be a barrier to entry.

Are there any good tunes?

I am still working with the community and doing my own testing to find the absolute best tune(s) possible for a UWL build. When we know the best settings, we will make them available as a separate page on this website for you to use with instructions. We are working on it! In the meantime, I personally have been using both my regular whoop tunes as well as even the custom defaults of my flight controller and have found that my builds fly fine.

Can I use any motor?

No, you must use a motor from the approved list. To see that list and more information about it, please go here: www.undergroundwhoopleague.com/motor

What parts should I use?

Check this page for a recommended build list: Build

How do I attach LEDs?

Check this page for all the information you need about LEDs: www.undergroundwhoopleague.com/led

How should I configure my whoop?

The main thing to keep in mind is the RPM limiter. Downloading Betaflight Configurator 10.9 or newer and flashing the correct hex to your flight controller will give you the framework for using the RPM limiter. You'll also want to make sure you're using ESC firmware that support bidirection dshot, such as Blue Jay. For exact RPM limiter configuration and setup, check here: www.undergroundwhoopleague.com/rpmlimiter

Can I use a Bind N Fly (BNF)

There are currently no BNF drones available that completely meet spec. However, there are a couple that, with slight modifications, do. Check out the Recommended Parts List for more information

What size gates does UWL use?

There is no specific size gate that UWL will always use and stick to. Even on a specific track, there may be gates of varying sizes and shapes. That being said, the official size gate for UWL is 30". If you're looking to set up gates for your own personal practice or for your chapter, 28-35" is probably a good target to aim for.